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                • Insulated puncture clamp
                • Insulated puncture clamp
                • Insulated puncture clamp

                Insulated puncture clamp

                Insulated Puncture Clamp 1KV Low Voltage Insulated Puncture Clamp Cable Connector

                • Easy installation
                • Use safety
                • Cost saving

                Product Introduction

                Product overview

                1.1 Puncture structure, simple installation, insulated wire without peeling;

                1.2 moment nut, constant puncture pressure, ensure good electrical connection without damaging the conductor;
                1.3 Self-sealing structure, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, prolong the service life of insulated conductors and clamps;
                1.4 Special contact blades are used for copper (aluminium) butting and copper-aluminium transition.
                1.5 The electrical contact resistance is small, and the contact resistance is less than 1.1 times of the resistance of the branch wire with equal length.
                1.6 Special insulating case, anti-light and environmental aging, dielectric strength > 12KV;
                1.7 arc surface design, suitable for the same (different) diameter wire connection, wide range of connection (0.75 mm2-400 mm2).

                Three advantages
                Easy installation: The cable branch can be made without stripping the insulation skin of the cable, and the joint is completely insulated. Without truncating the main cable, it can branch at any position of the cable. Installation is simple and reliable. Only sleeve wrench can be used for live installation.
                Safety of use: The joints are resistant to distortion, shock, waterproof, flame retardant, anti-electrochemical corrosion and aging, and need no maintenance. It has been used successfully for more than 30 years.
                Cost savings: Installation space is very small, saving bridge and civil construction costs. In building applications, no terminal box, tap box and return cable are needed to save cable investment. The cost of cable and puncture clamp is lower than other power supply systems, only about 40% of the plug-in bus, and about 60% of the prefabricated branch cable.

                Installation method
                Installation of Single Screw Insulated Puncture Clamp
                1. Adjust the puncture clamp nut to the appropriate position and insert the branch line into the branch cap sheath completely.
                2. Insert the main line, the main line has two layers of insulation skin, then strip a certain length of the outer insulation skin at the connecting position.
                3. Put the main/branch line in proper position and keep parallel. First tighten the nut by hand and fix the clamp.
                4. Tighten the nut evenly with the sleeve plate hand of the corresponding size until the top breaks off and the installation is completed.

                Installation of Twin Screw Insulated Puncture Clamp

                1. First, unscrew the clamp and clip the main line into the main line slot. Do not twist the main line and the ruler. Pay attention to whether the line diameter range corresponds to the local clamp.
                2. Put the branch line into the branch slot. Ibid.
                3. Tighten with socket wrench. Disable open spanner.
                4. Note that the two nuts should be screwed down synchronously.
                5. When tightened to a certain degree of force, the constant moment nut is screwed off. Installation is complete.

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